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Fine Art:

Clients who are picking up a custom fine art piece, please make payment here.  It’s safe; you will be taken to Paypal’s secure processing page.  You can pay via credit cards or debit and do not need a Paypal account to use the service.

Sacred Geometry Meditation Art

This page features Sacred Geometryart called yantras.  Yantras are used as meditation tools and as spiritual art.  A yantra is a mystical, ancient sacred geometry diagram used in the Indian yogic tradition- that powerfully evokes specific qualities: abundance, self-love, will power, generosity

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About Yantras

Yantras are sacred geometry similar to Tibetan mandalas. They are utilized in a type of yoga (yogic) meditation especially as one develops the upper chakras or for energetically enhancing the space around them. In Wheels of Life writer Anodea Judith places Yantra Yoga as correlating with the third eye or ajna chakra. Yantras are part of the Indian Tantric tradition of subtle energetic practices. If you are a practitioner of yoga you might find yantra meditation particularly effective.

Purchase a yantra, see below: How to Choose and descriptions for more info.  I love creating these works to grace your home (businesses see commercial clients) with positive energy! I meditate (see bio) chanting the mantra for each yantra as it’s being created so that it is “charged,” by the energy of spiritual practice of over fifteen years of intensive yoga and meditation practices. They are truly a gift of love. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me. Available custom made yantra designs: The standard size of 7×7 inches is ideal for meditation or to fill the energy of the room, it’s looks best if you add a matte and frame it. Each yantra is an original done in colored pencil on paper and the marks and strokes are visible. At this time, a standard size yantra can be completed and ready to mail in one week from receipt of payment. See sample of actual hand drawn and colored yantras, on this page. Each piece is lovingly created by drawing (see process) in the geometric shapes and then adding color.

Choosing Your Yantra: Choose one to buy, primarily by your attraction to it. I do find that sometimes, the one we may be most attracted to initially evokes a quality or state that we are already comfortable with. You may want to look again and see if the second most appealing one is not in some way more needed to create balance in your life. I am also available and can assist you with choosing an appropriate yantra to work with. If ordering for a loved one, then see some primary qualities listed below. Your can also order several for different parts of your home or as gifts. View all designs, l-r, top to bottom.


*From: Nine Designs for Inner Peace by Sarah Tomlinson


Yantras 1-3

  1. RADIANCE Yantra– Sunny optimism, self-confidence, magnetism. Enables your joy and good spirits to reach and affect others you connect with.  Associated planet is the Sun. $190
  2. NOURISHMENT Yantra– Nurturing, sustaining, compassionate.  Cultivates in both male and female-the feminine and receptive including being able to care for oneself (can be primary for abundance, if this is behind the scarcity.)  $200
  3. PASSION Yantra– Direction, purpose, enthusiasm.  Allows you to compete and accomplish great feats with desire meaning and joy.  $135
  4. INTELLECT Yantra– Judgement, equilibrium, balance.  Calms the nervous system and stimulates the mind toward equanimity.  Enhances communication, and use of the mind for spiritual work.  Planet is Mercury.  $122

Yantras 4-6

  1. EXPANSION Yantra-Growth and opulence, generosity of spirit, and community.  Opens your heart to opportunities for charity and sharing and suggests new horizons. $120
  2. BLISS Yantra–  Sensuality, appreciation for beauty, art and refinement.  Supports ones ability to be creative, poetry, writing, all fine arts.   Gives you access to the positive aspects of your senses and enhances ones ability to attract love.  Associated planet is Venus. $231
  3. ORGANIZATION Yantra–  Order, discipline, a quiet mind.  Patience and endurance are maximized to support you in working through difficult or long projects. $108

Yantras 7-9

  1. UNIQUENESS Yantra–  Independence, originality, exploration.  Awareness and confidence in your authentic voice and ideas. $121
  2. SPIRITUALITY Yantra–  Mystical experiences, solitude, purification.  The peace you find within.   Associated planet is Ketu.  $133

Prints: The prints won’t have the same level of energy as the original artwork but are an inexpensive option.  Purchase a print (a high quality reproduction,) starting at $18 unframed;  or easily choose matte and frame of your choice at  Sacred Geometry Art. Currently only Nourishment, Expansion, Intellect and Uniqueness are available as prints.